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Faculty Publication Highlights

Current Highlight

The Art of Anatheism

Edited by Richard Kearney & Matthew Clemente

The Faculty Publication Highlights series features recent publications by Boston College faculty. While it is likely that monographs will figure largely among these publications, the Libraries are also eager to promote other faculty productions such as significant journal articles, paintings, musical compositions, and movies.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future highlights, please contact Leslie Homzie, Senior Research Librarian.

Richard Kearney
Charles B. Seelig Chair of Philosophy

Matthew Clemente
Lecturer, Woods College of Advancing Studies

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Past Highlights

2019 Highlights

The Art of Anatheism
Edited by Richard Kearney & Matthew Clemente

Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society
Edited by Rowena Fong & James Lubben & Richard Barth

The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation
by Gerald C. Kane & Anh Nguyen Phillips, Jonathan R. Copulsky, & Garth R. Andrus

Televising Restoration Spain
by Wan Sonya Tang

Various Articles
by Joseph F. Quinn, Ph.D

A Lily Blooms in Winter
by Alston Conley

The History and Philosophy of Science: A Reader
by Daniel McKaughan & Holly VandeWall

2018 Highlights

Holy Spirit: Setting the World on Fire
Co-Edited by Richard Lennan & Nancy Pineda-Madrid

Technology and Engagement: Making Technology Work for First-Generation College Students
by Heather T. Rowan-Kenyon & Ana M. Martínez Alemán & Mandy Savitz-Romer, PhD

Coercion: The Power to Hurt in International Politics
by Peter Krause & Timothy Crawford

Why You Eat What You Eat
by Rachel Herz

Listening to Early Modern Catholicism: Perspectives from Musicology
Edited by Michael Noone & Daniele V. Filippi

Nazi Law: From Nuremberg to Nuremberg
Edited by John J. Michalczyk

From Neither Here Not There
by Sammy Chong, S.J.

2017 Highlights

Managing for Social Impact: Innovations in Responsible Enterprise
by Dr. Mary J. Cronin and Prof. Tiziana C. Dearing

Positive Results
by Andrew McAleer

20/20 Mind Sight
by Phil Fragasso

Children and AIDS: Sub-Saharan Africa
Edited by Margaret Lombe

Asymmetric Politics
by Dave Hopkins

The BBC's Irish Troubles
by Robert J Savage

The Americans by Car
by Karl Baden

Here r more
by Hartmut Austen

2016 Highlights

Everyday Renaissances
by Sarah Gwyneth Ross

Jesuit Pedagogy, 1540–1616: A Reader
by Claude Pavur, S.J. and Cristiano Casalini

Daniel von dem Blühenden Tal
Edited by Michael Resler

Violence, Politics and Catholicism in Ireland
by Oliver P. Rafferty, S.J.

Selected Related Articles
by Michael Serazio

2015 Highlights

Seán Lemass
by Robert J. Savage

Work from Two Bodies
by Karl Baden

The Minaret
by Jonathan M. Bloom

Here are the archives for Faculty Publication Highlights from 2006-2014.