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The Art of Anatheism

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The Art of Anatheism

Edited by Richard Kearney & Matthew Clemente

The book asks the question – how can God happen again after the death of God? It answers it by proposing an ‘art of anatheism’ which attends to the recreation and return of the divine through certain forms of literature, painting, liturgy, music, and performance. Engaging students, scholars, and interested readers across a wide range of disciplines – philosophy, theology, aesthetics, literary criticism, poetics – the volume includes contributions from both practicing artists and professional academics. As such it brings together examples from ancient religious wisdom traditions and cutting-edge contemporary cultural practices to suggest that the sacred is often most potent and persuasive when recreating the everyday world of our secular experience.

Richard Kearney

Charles B. Seelig Chair of Philosophy

Matthew Clemente
Lecturer, Woods College of Advancing Studies

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