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Tilling the Church: Theology for an Unfinished Project

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Tilling the Church: Theology for an Unfinished Project

by Richard Lennan

Tilling the Church is a theology for the pilgrim church. In this book, Richard Lennan shows how the ecclesial community looks toward the fullness of God’s reign but lives within the flux of history, the site of its relationship to the trinitarian God. In this way, God’s grace “tills” the church, constantly refreshing the tradition of faith and prompting the discipleship that embodies the gospel. Tilling the Church explores the possibilities for a more faithful, just, and creative church, one responsive to the movement of grace. Fruitful engagement with grace requires the church’s conversion, the ongoing formation of a community whose words and actions reflect the hope that grace engenders.

Richard Lennan

Professor of Systematic Theology
Professor Ordinarius
Chair, Ecclesiastical Faculty

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