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Various Articles

by Joseph F. Quinn, Ph.D

“Challenges and Opportunities for Living and Working Longer,” with Kevin Cahill. 2018. In How Persistent Low Returns Will Shape Saving and Retirement, Robert Clark, Raimond Maurer, and Olivia Mitchell, editors. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, pp. 101-118.

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“Evolving Patterns of Work and Retirement,” with Kevin Cahill and Michael Giandrea, 2015. In The Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences, 8th edition, Linda George and Kenneth Ferraro, editors. London UK: Academic Press, pp. 271-291.

We have entered a new world of retirement income security in America, with older individuals more exposed to market risk and more vulnerable to financial insecurity than prior generations. This reflects an evolution that has altered the historical vision of a financially-secure retirement supported by Social Security, a defined-benefit pension plan, and individual savings. Today, two of these three retirement income sources — pensions and savings — are absent or of modest importance for many older Americans. Retirement income security now often requires earnings from continued work later in life.

Joseph F. Quinn, Ph.D

Professor, Economics Department

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