Was showdown rigged?

Was showdown rigged?
Was showdown rigged?

I mean, they changed a couple of rules since the last time, but there’s nothing particularly shady about that. This is a small campus and a big event, so rigging it would have to involve a bunch of people keeping a secret. Allow me to observe that large groups of humans do not seem to be very good at that.

Best floor in O’neil??

Best floor in O'neil??
Best floor in O’neil??

As a resident of the lobby, I’m partial to the 3rd floor, myself. That being said, the best floor depends on what you’re looking for. Need a quiet place to study? I’ve heard the newly renovated space on the 5th floor is great. Looking for specialized software or tutoring for an upcoming midterm? The 2nd floor is home to the Digital Studio and the Connors Family Learning Center. The 1st and 4th floors also have study spaces and collections you might be interested in checking out.

When will our current course and grade be available again on AGORA? Just curious cause it’s been under maintenance for a while…

Are you using the new EagleApps version? I’ll check with my friends over in IT, but you can also call the help desk (tel: 617-552-4357) and they’ll let you know if there are system problems.

Update: Actually Student Services is who you want to talk to about this: 617-552-3300 or 1-800-294-0294 over the phone, and studentservices@bc.edu

hi! I hope you had a good week. What is the official BC policy on wearing masks outside?

I see many students sitting alone on campus, far away (10ft or more) from any other person, reading/studying etc while wearing a mask. Are we allowed to take them off in this scenario. Can we take them off outside while talking with another person who is sitting 10ft away? The signs around BC are not consistent in their messaging. Thank you!

I had a good week, thanks! You’re right, it’s not clear. This page has the authoritative information: bit.ly/BCReOpen. There is no explicit, unequivocal requirement to wear masks outdoors, but nor is it explicitly an exception to this broad requirement: “All students are required to wear face coverings/masks on-campus.” Use your best judgement. Remember, masks are primarily for protecting others from the virus you might be shedding unwittingly. If you’re prone to sneezing or coughing outdoors because of allergies, like some of my assistants, perhaps a mask outdoors is a good precaution.

Hi wall! I saw this cute thing outside of Gasson! Do you know what is it?!

It’s a darling little opossum. They’re pretty ubiquitous in the western hemisphere. One of my helpers saw one alone on a boat in the middle of a harbor this summer!

Photo of an opossum on the bow of a sailboat anchored in a harbor.

They are so cute!!! Wow… what an experience ur helper had! Would it be possible to hide one as a pet in the dorm if I can ever catch it?

So cute, indeed! But best left wild and free, where they can enjoy all their opossumy joys of setting out alone at night for walks, eating tasty bugs, and, apparently, taking the helm of random powerboats.


There is a tiny mouse running around the first floor/basement of Gasson… It’s super tiny and runs super fast!!!

I recommend you let the wall (and maybe the human beings) at UCS and OHP know since this tiny little thing doesn’t even need a key to get into their doors!

And I’d also really appreciate if someone can take this little thing outside. >.<

Mice at BC are nothing new. I’ve even seen some little mousie parties in O’Neill overnight. I alerted Facilities, who do a great job of keeping ahead of a major infestation, and got a response in under 5 minutes: “We created a work order for this request for our pest control team to take a walk through.” And I’ll chat with my Wall buddies and ask them to keep a lookout.

Are the signs marked “Emergency Exit” real.

These exits are all around O’Neil, and I hear people walking on the other side, yet all the ways of getting in say that an alarm will sound. Do you know which emergency exits are fake and which will sound an alarm?

All exits labeled “Emergency Exit” are indeed emergency exits. Not all emergency exits trigger alarms. However, they are still emergency exits and should be used accordingly.

Hi Wall. Why the Lynch School of Education is so racist?

Why do you see why people working in offices and black, Latino and Chinese working in dining halls or cleaning bathrooms…. even in the library I only see who’re people… what’s wrong with BC???

It IS pretty noticeable who does what on campus. It reflects national trends (https://bit.ly/bc-labor) and trends in higher education (https://bit.ly/3brUpgf). But that doesn’t make it OK. BC’s Office of Institutional Diversity is dedicated to addressing those sorts of problems (http://bit.ly/bc-oid) and many departments and programs have expressed similar goals. The Libraries are in the process of finalizing a strategic plan to implement our Values Statement on diversity and inclusion. (https://libguides.bc.edu/edi). Thank you for your feedback, and we’d love your continued help in keeping us accountable.

Also, how do we raise the bed in our dorm room…?

Like how ResLife says you can raise it to have more room under the bed? It doesn’t seem workable with human power? Should I submit a work order?

The helpful human at Res Life (2-3060, reslife@bc.edu) said raising the bed is indeed physically challenging for humans (they had help from their dad when they did it). You may need assistance from other humans. Check with your RA about how to get it to work, and talk other humans into helping. Great way to meet people!