I hate cats.

They leave hair everywhere and make lots of noise at night when I’m trying to sleep. I think the differences between cats and dogs, are that men domesticated the dogs, and cats domesticated the women. Because dogs are useful and loyal. And cats are cute, but useless little psycopaths. In my opinion this means that men are more preoccupied with function and women with form( generally speeaking). Also never let your mom buy you a computer. She will buy some kind of abomination gamer pc that she thinks look nice but is a piece of garbage. Ask your father instead. Even if he doesnt understand nothing of computers he will still agree with you when you say that the uglier pc is better than the cute one your mom likes. Am I machist? Or just realist based on historical data avaliable?

You have every right to have preferences for one pet over another, for whatever reasons. You’re also welcome to speculate about the reasons for differences between one human population and another. It would be realistic to be honest about a) the fact that these are speculations grounded only in a few observations of your own and b) the fact that generalizing from a few observations to whole populations is a logical fallacy. A realist should learn both how to make careful, representative observations, and to employ statistical methods to extrapolate from small samples to broader populations, and be able to provide both data collection and analytical methods so others can evaluate the soundness and validity of the observations and analysis. IOW, realists are aware of the limitations of their own perspectives.