hi! I hope you had a good week. What is the official BC policy on wearing masks outside?

I see many students sitting alone on campus, far away (10ft or more) from any other person, reading/studying etc while wearing a mask. Are we allowed to take them off in this scenario. Can we take them off outside while talking with another person who is sitting 10ft away? The signs around BC are not consistent in their messaging. Thank you!

I had a good week, thanks! You’re right, it’s not clear. This page has the authoritative information: bit.ly/BCReOpen. There is no explicit, unequivocal requirement to wear masks outdoors, but nor is it explicitly an exception to this broad requirement: “All students are required to wear face coverings/masks on-campus.” Use your best judgement. Remember, masks are primarily for protecting others from the virus you might be shedding unwittingly. If you’re prone to sneezing or coughing outdoors because of allergies, like some of my assistants, perhaps a mask outdoors is a good precaution.

2020 is a lost year

This year is a complete loss. We are already in the eight month, almost in the ninth, and nothing works. Schools are still closed. So I cant graduate, or get my new drivers licence. There is no cure for the COVID, so I cant risk going to the mall and having ice cream while I watch people. I havent dated this entire year, and I really want to get a girlfriend, but the clubs are kinda empty. I just wish I had a girlfriend. Do you know of any single girl who wants a boyfriend?

I miss people watching too, it’s such a messed-up year. I think right now I’d recommend looking anywhere but clubs. Tinder is doing some stuff with video right now, but if you’re not into dating apps the old school advice is to do things you really enjoy where you can meet new people. Likely outdoors or online.

What is the best way to make yourself focus on school while at home?

its going to be hard for a lot of us with online school. Thanks!

It’s hard for everybody. Step 1 is to remember that working online is one thing, and working at home during a global catastrophe is another. Be kind to yourself. Try and carve out some regular work space for yourself. Try and keep a regular schedule, even if it’s a weird one. There’s a bunch of solid advice on this online, I like this: https://bit.ly/bc-wfh

How do kids trick-or-treat this year with the pandemic going on?


Depending on where the pandemic’s at in mid-fall, my guess is that many neighborhoods will host alternative activities that can be more easily regulated for safety. There could also be contactless trick or treating (ring bell, run away;  kids already know that trick.)  They will  certainly have the opportunity to get very creative with masks! https://bit.ly/bc-candy. And I hesitate to point this out because of the potential for terrible song refrains it might help create, but Halloween rhymes with nineteen…

Fall Semester To the students who are wondering:

I have a parent with internal connections at BC, and, according to him, we will be returning in the fall for in-person classes no matter what. (barring, of course, the unlikely scenario that the situation suddenly gets cataclysmically worse). There have been talks among a number of the Boston-area universities who will be following through on this decision. A plan that is currently in consideration, but which has NOT yet been confirmed, is that we might actually return as early as August 3rd, and push forward without any vacation days until

There are conversations going on all over campus about how fall semester will go, and a number of different scenarios are being discussed. The intent is to have a residential campus in the fall, but there are many ways that might happen.  Until there’s an official public statement almost anything is possible.

Hey wall! Do you think fall semester will continue? Can you just take a guess?

Thinking ab going back home, leaving the country, and not coming back for the fall would be too much to handle. Can u promise me that I’d be able to come back for the fall semester? Meow?

The uncertainty is so hard. I feel for you. I can’t make you any promises about the decisions the university and the country will make. Right now patience and holding off making decisions is about the only path forward. Meow meow meow – kitty is frustrated about this too.🐱

I miss the people from Student Affairs, especially the support service and counseling service people.

🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I’m grateful that they’re all still accessible, but I’m so sad that they’re not physically on campus. 😣 Weird…… a year ago I thought they were the most scary people on campus, but now I actually miss them.

At least one of my human assistants has found that therapists & counselors can seem scary because they help us confront and reconcile ourselves to parts of ourselves we’d rather leave hidden, even from ourselves. So, in the short run, though we might dread appointments, in the long run we come to recognize their necessity and our gratitude for their difficult work. Please let them know you miss them.

If every drop of tear worth one dollar, I would be a billionaire now ever since BC went online…… We should invent something that can generate power with tears 😭, the environment will appreciate it!

I’m so sorry about your tears. Were I not a wall, I’d be dripping tears as well. My assistants have agreed, too: so many tears. So, so many tears: about fear, about sadness & grieving losses, about being separated from people, about the lack of hugs. Here’s a hug for you. I’m sorry it’s only virtual. ((((((((you)))))))))

Hey wall! You know what? When people suffer from social distancing and self-quarantine / self- isolation, …

maybe it’s also a good time to imagine how it must feel worse for those who are locked in solitary confinement and psychiatric institutions. The society can benefit from some compassion when imposing restrain, involuntary hospitalization, and institutionalization toward vulnerable individuals!

Makes me feel even more grateful ab being on this campus! 🙂

The UN says solitary confinement is torture. Europe has mostly eliminated its use; this Wall is opposed to using walls in such an inhumane way. There is a strong streak of retributory punishment in the US, though, given the broad approval of capital punishment, three strikes laws, and solitary confinement. I hope one result of coronavirus isolation will be compassion for those subjected to far more extreme versions of isolation.

What other pics would you like to see?

Shout out to the piece by piece workers who worked pass 1am last week when students moved. (And ResLife Staff who worked really hard) 🙂

boxes taped shut in residence hall hallway

Shout out to everybody working hard right now, and to everybody who’s still feeling a little wobbly. I’d love to see some pictures of other walls in your life. And I’m curious how the Million Dollar Steps are holding up.