hi! I hope you had a good week. What is the official BC policy on wearing masks outside?

I see many students sitting alone on campus, far away (10ft or more) from any other person, reading/studying etc while wearing a mask. Are we allowed to take them off in this scenario. Can we take them off outside while talking with another person who is sitting 10ft away? The signs around BC are not consistent in their messaging. Thank you!

I had a good week, thanks! You’re right, it’s not clear. This page has the authoritative information: bit.ly/BCReOpen. There is no explicit, unequivocal requirement to wear masks outdoors, but nor is it explicitly an exception to this broad requirement: “All students are required to wear face coverings/masks on-campus.” Use your best judgement. Remember, masks are primarily for protecting others from the virus you might be shedding unwittingly. If you’re prone to sneezing or coughing outdoors because of allergies, like some of my assistants, perhaps a mask outdoors is a good precaution.