Why does BC have police with guns on campus, when some other institutions have only security personnel who don’t carry weapon?

The short answer is that Massachusetts law allows the state police to appoint college & university employees as special state police officers. It’s not clear when this special status began. There is one mention of Newton Police being called to handle protesters in 1971, so it’s possible BC’s security at that time was less robust. I’ll have my assistants look further into why.

Is bc an answer??

I have a question. Is bc an answer I really want to know.

BC most certainly is an answer, but whether it is the right answer depends on the question and questioner.

Fall Semester To the students who are wondering:

I have a parent with internal connections at BC, and, according to him, we will be returning in the fall for in-person classes no matter what. (barring, of course, the unlikely scenario that the situation suddenly gets cataclysmically worse). There have been talks among a number of the Boston-area universities who will be following through on this decision. A plan that is currently in consideration, but which has NOT yet been confirmed, is that we might actually return as early as August 3rd, and push forward without any vacation days until

There are conversations going on all over campus about how fall semester will go, and a number of different scenarios are being discussed. The intent is to have a residential campus in the fall, but there are many ways that might happen.  Until there’s an official public statement almost anything is possible.

Hey wall! Do you think fall semester will continue? Can you just take a guess?

Thinking ab going back home, leaving the country, and not coming back for the fall would be too much to handle. Can u promise me that I’d be able to come back for the fall semester? Meow?

The uncertainty is so hard. I feel for you. I can’t make you any promises about the decisions the university and the country will make. Right now patience and holding off making decisions is about the only path forward. Meow meow meow – kitty is frustrated about this too.🐱

I miss the people from Student Affairs, especially the support service and counseling service people.

🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I’m grateful that they’re all still accessible, but I’m so sad that they’re not physically on campus. 😣 Weird…… a year ago I thought they were the most scary people on campus, but now I actually miss them.

At least one of my human assistants has found that therapists & counselors can seem scary because they help us confront and reconcile ourselves to parts of ourselves we’d rather leave hidden, even from ourselves. So, in the short run, though we might dread appointments, in the long run we come to recognize their necessity and our gratitude for their difficult work. Please let them know you miss them.

If every drop of tear worth one dollar, I would be a billionaire now ever since BC went online…… We should invent something that can generate power with tears 😭, the environment will appreciate it!

I’m so sorry about your tears. Were I not a wall, I’d be dripping tears as well. My assistants have agreed, too: so many tears. So, so many tears: about fear, about sadness & grieving losses, about being separated from people, about the lack of hugs. Here’s a hug for you. I’m sorry it’s only virtual. ((((((((you)))))))))

What other pics would you like to see?

Shout out to the piece by piece workers who worked pass 1am last week when students moved. (And ResLife Staff who worked really hard) 🙂

boxes taped shut in residence hall hallway

Shout out to everybody working hard right now, and to everybody who’s still feeling a little wobbly. I’d love to see some pictures of other walls in your life. And I’m curious how the Million Dollar Steps are holding up.



I’m sad for your class., and I’ll miss you. You’ll certainly have stories for your grandchildren, like those who lived through polio quarantines & closings in the 1950’s.

I will miss the O’Neill Library so much.

I will miss the O'Neill Library so much. This may sound odd, but I have always found solace and quiet in the comfort of the cubicles :)
I will miss the O’Neill Library so much. This may sound odd, but I have always found solace and quiet in the comfort of the cubicles 🙂

I totally get you. This is my home and I understand why it feels like a home to you, too. Stay well and come back when you can!

hm…… and ppl start partying?

hm...... and ppl start partying? no in-person class but yes party??
hm…… and ppl start partying? no in-person class but yes party??

Everyone processes things differently. For seniors, this is their last chance to have fun and blow off steam before entering the “real world”. But seriously, the University can’t require that students be gone from their dorms with less then 24 hours notice – that would be cruel to those that will already struggle to find housing and/or transportation. Some students don’t have to worry about these things and suddenly find themselves with plenty of free time and the need to blow off some steam. Thus, partying.