Reconciling Politics Differences

Do you have any advice about how friends can deal with different political positions? Since this is a Jesuit school, there’s definitely more pro-life people. Some people (myself included) find this nearly unreconcilable. With the nearing Supreme Court decision, this debate is going to be at the forefront of the nation. Thoughts?

How do you navigate deep philosophical differences with people you love? There are pretty much two approaches to maintaining these friendships: you can agree to avoid the subject entirely, or you can set ground rules for conversations (e.g. no ad hominem attacks, broaching the subject only with permission, etc.) If neither of those work, friendships can suffer a lot of damage. But in a sense, this is true of any relationship: everyone has at least a few sacred subjects, and if they don’t make it clear how & when their loved ones can broach those subjects without causing pain, or if they do & their loved ones repeatedly trample over those limits, respect & trust suffer.