Hi Wall. Why the Lynch School of Education is so racist?

Why do you see why people working in offices and black, Latino and Chinese working in dining halls or cleaning bathrooms…. even in the library I only see who’re people… what’s wrong with BC???

It IS pretty noticeable who does what on campus. It reflects national trends (https://bit.ly/bc-labor) and trends in higher education (https://bit.ly/3brUpgf). But that doesn’t make it OK. BC’s Office of Institutional Diversity is dedicated to addressing those sorts of problems (http://bit.ly/bc-oid) and many departments and programs have expressed similar goals. The Libraries are in the process of finalizing a strategic plan to implement our Values Statement on diversity and inclusion. (https://libguides.bc.edu/edi). Thank you for your feedback, and we’d love your continued help in keeping us accountable.