There is a man I cannot get off my mind.

I think he likes me as well, I always find him watching me. So, we have been messaging one another during the quarantine. He sent me a message saying, “I know you will meet a great man”. Could he be talking about himself? Thank you wall and Happy 4th of July. Desperately Seeking a Man

It’s always hard to decide what to do in these situations: risk heartbreak on a gamble for love, or go the safe route and risk missing out on love and adventure. If you want to go for it, perhaps you could message him: “I think you’re a great man,” and see where it leads. Happy (very) belated 4th, and may love be on your side.

Hey Wall it’s me again, I don’t have the strength to tell him how I feel. Every time I open up to a man it always back fires. For once in my life I wish a man that I am interested in would make the first move. It would make my life so much better. Any-who, thank you for listening😘. Chit chat with you soon.  

Sigh… I understand. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be so many poems, songs, and stories about unrequited love, longing, and heartbreak. Let Etta James wash you in her tears: