Hello. I’m a student at BU.

Hello. I’m a student at BU. This summer, before I went to Middlebury College for a 7 week Portuguese program, I stayed near BC for a month. I ❤️ the environment here as there are so many greens and ❤️ running around the reservoir. BC is a kind place that calms me down, which is an especially important thing to me when I am experiencing emotional fluctuation. For example, now I’m overloading (5 classes instead of 4) at BU, a couple are intensive classes and I am studying Stats at college. I know everything will figure out just need some time to adjust 🙂. Coming here is emotional as it reminds me the days I went through many things and managed to be more relaxed and passionate. I also know that we are never alone and that emotional and sleep fluctuations are normal. And resilience and concentration helps us through the obstacles!!! Just want to jut down the thoughts at head, and tell that I rly appreciate the environment here! My thought is a bit long, thanks for reading!!!! Can’t wait to see your response! Have a great day! Always a pleasure, E.

It can be peaceful and relaxing on the BC campus, and we love visitors. I hope you can find places at BU that calm you as well. If you are struggling, know that there are services available at BU you can contact (like SHS: bu.edu/SHS) for help!