You know the question “If God is all good, why is there suffering in the world?” BC loves to discuss that question! I was just thinking that maybe BC should reframe the question to “If BC is a Catholic institution that loves God, why does it establish structure that creates and perpetuates suffering?” Maybe BC should think about whether the suffering comes from God, or the very institution itself that states it cares for social justice and works to alleviate suffering. Maybe they are actively creating endless suffering and injustice in this world while also calling its students, who suffer from these injustice, to then deal with the consequent suffering of what it creates

Hmm. More of a comment than a question. Large organizations of all kinds do tend to throw off some level of suffering, and you’re right that it’s a moral question for a Catholic university. You might be interested in reading some things about how universities came to be as they are after World War II. Geiger’s history of US higher ed ( is one take, while Dorn explores how different universities in different places have defined “the common good” ( There’s lots more in the library catalog (