Hey wall! Do you know if the police record from BCPD stays on student’s record?

If you have encounter with them and got sent to student conducts, would that affect your public record or FBI check at all?

IDK. Here’s where you can find out: https://www.mass.gov/criminal-record-check-services. For a definitive answer to your second question(s) I would check with a criminal lawyer. Tip: don’t ask a nonprofessional for legal or medical advice.

But the professionals always lie (eg police, psychiatrists, etc) and hurt you. They’re the ones with power to document things from their perspectives and minimize the harm they do to you, while claiming the person to be lying and a lack of insight …… so they seem to be less trustworthy than the Answer Wall…

I haven’t been sure how to respond to this, because I do have a good deal of trust left in professionals, particularly library ones. But your experience is your experience and I honor that. I suspect you might get different results from a professional you were paying, like the lawyer I mentioned.

Then where is the sense of humanity left then? If the professionals were to only work for individuals who pay them and/or worry about losing the stakeholders who pay them more, wouldn’t that result in a misuse of power and a neglect of the powerless minors and the marginalized populations?

Yes. It was a more cynical response than I usually give, but the power dynamic you’re describing, where people in institutions often serve their own needs or the organization’s rather than those they are meant to serve, is sadly common. In a just world you wouldn’t need an advocate to deal with healers or protectors. In ours you sometimes do.