I think gays are disgusting, but still treat them as normal people. Am I a bad person?

Just because someone think gays are disgusting does not means they have the right to deny the gays their rights. I treat them like I treat everyone else. They are people just like you. I just dont want to be friends with them, or hire them, or have any kind of relationship with them. Just like the fact that I dont want to date black people, I still treat them the same as other people in every other way. And then those SJW go and say that I am racist or homophobe. Its called personal preference. And I wont change. Am I a bad person?

Disliking LGBTQ+ people or not wanting to date any Black person doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, but they do make you a racist and a homophobe. I am curious why you don’t want those labels assigned to you. Is it because you don’t think they fully represent you? Are you more than just your dislike for these groups? I certainly hope so, and ask that you look at every person as a full and complex human and not just one thing. Oh, and if you don’t hire someone simply because they are gay, then you aren’t treating them like everyone else, and that would be discriminatory and bad.