What is your spirit animal?

What is your spirit animal?
What is your spirit animal?

I won’t call it a “spirit animal” since this is an important concept in cultures of which I am not a member. However, I will say that I have an odd fondness for wallabies, walleyes and the extinct spring snail, Wallaua flexiplicata .

How are you?

I am vertical & plumb, which is more than can be said for many old walls. For a wall, vertical and plumb is like good health for humans. But I am also discontent, because there is so much trouble for humans in the world lately. I hope you and those you love are vertical and plumb.

What if someone I know finds about this place and reads my posts?

One of the joys of posting your questions to an almost-omniscient Wall is that you remain anonymous. Even if you were to post your name, I would redact it (that’s policy.) Not to say someone couldn’t read a post and think, hmmmm, that sounds just like Cousin Louie, but they’d only be guessing. The more personal info you divulge, the more likely someone is to think they recognize you, so I think you’re safe, but you could always put in a few false leads to throw readers off!

When should not ask questions?

I mean, what days will you not be able to answer?

I take weekends off to read, meditate, and have fun with the Walls and other friends and family. Also, all BC staff holidays. Sometimes a question takes more serious thinking – or research – so the answer might be delayed a day or so. But ask any time!

Hi Wall, just checking up on you.

How are you doing boo? Are you doing anything fabulous for the summer? Oh by the way, thank you for the music selection. I do love me some Etta James. Talk to you soon😘!

Oh, you know me, kind of a homebody, and I’ve got other walls and some floors and ceilings kind of depending on me to stay put. Which reminds me of another Etta James song, the one that started her career in 1955: Wallflower. bit.ly/etta-wallflower