Ware, William (1832-1915)


Ware, William (1832-1915)


Ware, William Robert, 1832-1915


Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in May 1832, Ware graduated from Harvard University in 1852. He studied at the Lawrence Scientific School before moving to New York to become a draftsman in the architectural offices of Richard Morris Hunt. Eight years later he moved to Boston to start his own firm in partnership with Henry van Brunt. Ware was also a pioneer in architectural education. In 1866 he was responsible for organizing the first school of architecture in the United States at MIT in Boston. Then, in 1881 he set up the School of Architecture at Columbia University in New York. He remained head of the school until 1903 when he was made Professor Emeritus. He was awarded many architectural honors and plaudits and was the author of many technical books, including the definitive Modern Perspective. His buildings with stained glass by La Farge include Memorial Hall, Harvard (1871-78) and Christ Church Episcopal, Lincoln (Lonsdale), RI (1883-84).


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