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Jesuit Pedagogy, 1540–1616: A Reader

by Claude Pavur, S.J. and Cristiano Casalini

Once they had begun educating youth, the Jesuits never stopped thinking about pedagogy. The Ratio Studiorum (1599), widely celebrated for its organizational genius, also had a pedagogical aspect that reflects a larger tradition well represented in the primary sources. Jesuit Pedagogy, 1540–1616: A Reader offers for the first time in English a wide selection of relevant materials that lets us see the development of Jesuit approaches to pedagogy in theory and practice. These help us understand better why Jesuit schools became such important educational institutions in early modernity. This anthology will be both a helpful tool for those researching Jesuit education and a source of inspiration and insight for those directly involved in its practice today.

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Claude Pavur, S.J. and Cristiano Casalini

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