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From Neither Here Not There

by Sammy Chong, S.J.

In Sammy Chong's own words "the worthiness of a work of art relies on its capacity to express human feelings, thoughts, and situations. Artists throughout the ages have longed for meaning in their lives, their artwork, and the world in general. In a conscious or unconscious way, they have struggled to find answers to their existential questions, which ultimately became a spiritual quest. My art practice connects with this rich artistic heritage that usually brings forward philosophical, poetic, and theological considerations. As my artwork unveils transcendental views and concerns, it aims to light a spark that may lead viewers to search for meaning in their own paths."

A colorful mixed media painting of a woman cleaning a toilet

A colorful detail of one of Chong's paintings

Sammy Chong, S.J.
Art, Art History, and Film Department

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