Copyright & Copying

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Excerpted image of article 1, section 8 of the original US Constitution in elegant script on parchment: "To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;"

When was the last time you made a copy of something? Maybe you photocopied a few pages out of a book for a class, or used a picture you found online in a presentation. Maybe you’ve seen some intimidating warnings about how large the penalty for violating copyright can be, and decided not to make a copy of something that would be truly useful. That would be unfortunate – you don’t need to be afraid of copyright law, you just need to be thoughtful about it.

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Boston College Libraries Welcome the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History

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When an entire institute and all of its 100,000 rare items relocates from San Francisco to Boston, you expect care, but not necessarily speed. But the Ricci Institute got both. It is expected to open in May 2022.

A bronze teapot with a green patina between two yellow glazed ceramic disks with bas-relief dragons in a wooden display case
Several artifacts from the Ricci collection in their new home on Boston College’s Brighton campus, early April 2022.
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Pastoral Poetry

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The BC Libraries hope you can take a moment to celebrate the turning of the season towards spring by browsing a selection of pastoral poetry on display in the O’Neill Library lobby, and listening to a few audio samples available at the display via QR code or short link (such as Yeats reading “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.”)

In a painting, small figures of men, women, children, and a dog work at the edge of a wheat field, with trees and rolling hills in the background, under a cloud-studded clear sky.
John Constable, The Wheat Field, 1816, Oil on canvas. Gift of the Manton Art Foundation in memory of Sir Edwin and Lady Manton, 2007. The Clark Art Institute, 2007.8.27.
Original 16th century black and white title page with text of varying size: The Shepherds Calendar, Containing twelve eclogues proportionable to the twelve months by Edmund Spence, Prince of English poets
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New Ways of Supporting Open Access Publishing

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Boston College has entered into a “Read and Publish” agreement with Cambridge University Press. That sounds great, but what does it mean? The “Read” part of the agreement is library access to the entire Cambridge University Press Full Journals Package. The “Publish” part, which is new for Boston College, means that Article Processing Charges (APCs) associated with Open Access articles are waived if the article’s corresponding author* is affiliated with Boston College. This means Boston College researchers – faculty and student alike – can now publish Open Access in virtually any Cambridge University Press journal at no cost!

Orange open access logo and Boston College Libraries logo with the BC Seal
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