The New York Times – Brought to You by BC Libraries

Boston College Libraries is very happy to remind all current faculty, students and staff members of the Boston College Community that you now can have unlimited access to The New York Times website by registering for a personal account.  (Members of the BC Law community should review the registration recommendations in the guide.) If you already have a personal account, you are free to cancel that and use the library-supported access described here. Features include:

  • Content beginning with Vol. 1 (1851) – present
  • Unlimited page views/downloads/printing, except for content published from 1923 – 1980 which is limited to 5 views in a single day (for more in a day, use ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
  • Interactive media
  • Chinese Spanish language editions
  • Discipline-specific curricular support in 16 areas on the NYT in Education website

For more information see the BC Libraries New York Times access guide.

This new site-wide license has been a number of years in the making. Users have been requesting this access, and the library has wanted to supply it knowing how important resources such as this are for information literacy. Due to the large population to be served, pricing has been prohibitively high in the past.  More recently, The Times has shown greater flexibility in working with the Libraries on pricing; their willingness to add in a 5-year license option with a reasonable annual increase was also critical here.

Once licensed, implementation brought its own challenges. Julia Hughes, Senior Bibliographer for Political Science/Area Studies, Leslie Homzie, Senior Bibliographer for Communications and Sociology,  Sonia Ensins, Senior Bibliographer for Business and Terra Kallemeyn, Electronic Resources Acquisitions Librarian, worked hard to make the implementation as smooth as possible.

Sally Wyman

Head Librarian, Collection Development and Research Services