Seven Year Reflection

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Every responsible organization needs to reflect and reconsider its place in its community every five to seven years. So too with University Libraries. The pace of change in libraries has been meteoric over the past decade and those that fail to innovate tend to be left in the proverbial dust. It is the role of the University Librarian to facilitate innovation and create a culture open to creativity, service excellence, and continuous improvement. As it turns out, this past March marked my seventh anniversary at Boston College, providing a timely opportunity for reflection and reconsideration.

Working with dedicated staff in the Libraries and across the University has been the best part of my experience so far. We are fully supported by the BC Administration and have benefitted from collaboration in all areas, including and, in fact, especially our collaborations with students. But talk is cheap, so over the past few months several of my library colleagues and I have put together a document that tells part of the story of the past seven years and outlines key areas of growth for the Libraries. The document is the product of the collaborative work of many intelligent individuals who understand that what is good for Boston College is good for them, not the other way around, and that “good is the enemy of great.”

Although the document highlights many areas, it is critical to recognize that not all the work within the Libraries can be easily seen, but it has all been essential for the successes we have experienced together over the last several years. Our Library Story (PDF) includes many unsung heroes, and to them, I am extremely grateful.

I hope you enjoy Our Library Story and continue to provide feedback and suggestions to help us in our quest to better serve all facets of the Boston College community. It’s been a wonderful seven years, and I am excited about the future of Boston College and the ways the Libraries can help us all work together in our quest of “Ever to Excel”.

Wishing you great success,

Tom Wall, Ph.D.
University Librarian

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