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O'Neill Library Seismograph Monitors Earthquakes in New England & Around the World

March 24, 2016

Weston Observatory and the Boston College Lynch School of Education recently installed a seismograph in the BC O’Neill Library (Level One study area). This seismograph records earthquakes in New England and around the world, and measures the pulse of the Earth, providing direct information about earthquakes, plate tectonics, and the structure of the Earth’s interior. The O’Neill seismograph display is a prototype of a new initiative for operating seismographs in public places so that the presence of a seismograph in a public setting will raise the public’s awareness of the science of seismology, natural hazards and the environment, and science in general.

You can view the live feed of the O'Neill Level One seismograph any time, from anywhere:

Weston Observatory is a geophysical research and science education center of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College. It is located in Weston, MA about 10 miles west of BC’s Chestnut Hill campus. The Observatory has been monitoring earthquakes in New England and around the world since 1931.

For more information, visit the Weston Observatory website.