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Deposit Your Research Data in the new BC Dataverse

April 19, 2016

The Boston College Libraries have developed a new Boston College Dataverse to provide easy access to the scholarly data produced by members of the Boston College community.

Boston College Dataverse is a multi-disciplinary data repository which makes it easy to upload your research data to improve impact, visibility and access. Deposited data will automatically generate citation information and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that can be used to cite your data and link to related publications and presentations. BC Dataverse complements eScholarship@BC, our institutional repository, by providing a seamless link from your publications to the accompanying research data and from your data to your publications. A major benefit of BC Dataverse is that it can be used to fulfill funding agencies’ Data Management Plan requirements or journal recommendations /requirements for making data supporting a publication available for replication of analysis. Visit our Dataverse at Boston College Research Guide to learn more about it and our Quick Guide to getting started.